Sculpture dans le jardin


Voilà une message de Christy, qui va faire une sculpture pour le jardin, si vous avez des idées, n’hesitez pas de vous exprimer.

et je vous souhaite une bonne année 2012,

Kitty de bruin

The garden sculpture will be made entirely from recuperated and recycled materials that I collect.
Driftwood, plastic bottle caps, fish nets and lines, shells, recuperated meatal wires and screws, as well as these little wheel-like pieces of plastic that have been washing up by the hundreds of thousands onto the Aquitaine coastline for the past few years now. For the longest time nobody knew what they were, or where they were coming from. Now we know that a company in Portugal makes them. They use them in a mechanism to purify used water. When they are finished with them they are dumped into the ocean where they are later found in fish, birds and all over our beaches.
Using these little plastic wheels I have created a sort of picture diagram telling this story. It is mounted on a driftwood board. This board will be on top of a 3 or 4 walled structure made from many pieces of driftwood. Under it will be a hand-carved inscription « No More Pollution in our Oceans » in portuguese and french.
It’s a little hard to describe in words, but the sculpture will be less than 1 meter square and a little taller than myself. On top will be the Earth made from a lot of recycled plastic bottle caps. Built into the sculpture there will be birdhouses, refuges for insects, and shelters for rodents and other little animals.
I think it’d be great if the sculpture could also be interactive and visitors of the garden could carve their own environmental message onto any of the driftwood walls. In that case, I’d hang carving rocks around the sculpture so people could do that.
I will take some photos and try and make a sketch, but let me know what you think, or if you have any suggestions or themes you’d like me to include.


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